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Sinhala Jukebox Banner Ad Promotion

Lakderana.com is a new web hosting service targetted for small and medium businesses.
Terms of Use For Advertisers:

(1). We are happy to advertise your products and services in Lakrerana.com at a competitive and resonable rates. You may reach thousands of our visitors via our website and we are happy to host your banners/links at our current rates.

(2). Send us an email to receive our current Setup Fee (a one-time non refundable charge) and a monthly fee (a recurrent periodic fee per month).

(3). Either party can terminate an advertising agreement/banner/link at their discretion at anytime and that entitles the advertiser a refund of the current months monthly fee and any monthly fees paid for furure months.

(4). Setup Fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded once we agree to host the advertisment/banner/link.

(5). We reserve the rights to refuse/withdraw any advertisement/banner/link from our website, without notice at our discretion, if we find such advertisement is offensive, unethical, illegal, counter-productive, or unsuitable for our website and/or intefere with any of our established or expressed policies (written and or found elsewhere on our website). We may send you an explation of the action taken and why. In a situation like this, the advertiser will be issued a refund of all monthly fees for the current and future months and the advertising agreement is terminated immediately. Receiving a refund for unused monthly fees is your only discourse in case our refusal to host a advertisment/banner/link and you agree that no other damages, refunds, credits, or other fees will be issued.

(6). Our decision to host, not-host or terminate an advertisment/banner/link is final and non-negotiable.

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