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     Popular film director Sarath Rupasinghe dies Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Friday, May 28 2010 @ 01:54 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1237 times  
    Sri Lanka Stage/Movies

    More from Sunday Silumina of May 28th 2010

     Popular Singer Narada Disasekera died on May 19th 2010 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Thursday, May 20 2010 @ 08:23 AM EDT
     Viewed:  932 times  
    Sri Lanka Music Scene

    Lanka ENews

     Ranaweera: A traditional poet by Ishara JAYAWARDANE Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Monday, May 17 2010 @ 08:03 PM EDT
     Viewed:  981 times  
    Book Reviews The Daily News met poet Ariyawansa Ranaweera, a poet steeped in rich tradition, at his residence to discuss his life and pursuits.

    Q. Is your poetry more Oriental or Western?"

    A. For any poet to write poetry in a way it should be based on your own traditions. You cannot escape from your own traditions when you do any sort of creation. It is said "you are rooted in the soil of the country but your growth is open to the Universe". My poetry is rooted in my own poetic tradition but then the influences of Western, Chinese and Japanese poetry is evident in my poetry.

    Q From where do you get your inspiration?

    A. Inspiration is a thing that you cannot say you get it from anywhere. Inspiration is the driving force which leads to any creation. Inspiration is a thing that most of the critics and philosophers have tried to explain. They have not been completely successful in explaining what inspiration is. It is a driving force which is nurtured by one's own innate capability and also what one has associated by reading seeing and observing the world. It is a cumulative force.

    Q. When did you start writing poetry?

    A. Actually I started writing poetry in 1984 at the age of 40. Before that, although I was associating myself with poetry and other sort of creations I never put my hand on writing poetry itself. It took 40 years for me to put pen to paper. That is something rather different compared to most of the other writers who start writing at the age of 20 or 30.

    I was at the University in the 1960's. That was where I was exposed Western and Japanese poetry.

    My first exposure to poetry was when I was at school. For O/levels and A/levels they had recommended certain poetry books for the exam. That is where any Sri Lankan person gets his first exposure to poetry - at the school level. That is where you are grounded in your own traditions.

    When I entered University I had the good opportunity of finding the world of Eliot and Ezra pound and also Chinese and Japanese poetry.

    Q. How many poems have you published? Which is your favorite and why?

    A. I have published 14 poetry books but it is difficult to say which is my favourite. A father loves all his children the same. So even a creation is like one of your children. In those 14 poems there are 1000 odd poems.

    Q What are the themes you write under?

    A. I do not restrict myself to one or two themes. I even get inspiration from very small objects. Perhaps a blade of grass or an ant hill. These objects are only metaphors. If you ask me what the theme of my poetry is; it is mankind, it is life, human life. The human condition, the world the universe.

    Q. Do you feel your childhood experiences have a big impact in your poetry?

    A. Certainly. I studied in a remote school in a rather for off place. It is a place of scenic beauty. The Maha Oya flows down that valley. There are so many hills surrounding that area and the tea estates. The rural serenity would have influenced my poetry. The tranquil environment that quiet life would have been some force of influence for my poetry.

    Q. What is your message to aspiring poets?

    A. Don't rush in to writing poetry. Allow your intuition and inspiration to tell you, this is time to write poetry. In the meantime associate as much as possible with human knowledge. Essentially read philosophy both Western and Eastern. Knowledge of all the religions is very important. This amalgamation of creativity is a wonderful force.


     Sunil Edirisingha: The 'Sandakada Pahana' fame idol by Aravinda HETTIARACHCHI Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Monday, May 17 2010 @ 07:55 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1586 times  
    Sri Lanka Music Scene Sunil Edirisinghe, one may say, is a famous male vocalist that grew up within the Sinhala-Buddhist culture of this island. Most of his songs after 1980s represent his nationalist personality in art. But when he began singing career such an aesthetic culture of local Sinhala nationalism was not prominent. Until the 1980s Sunil was just a singer who made his mark through a film song named as "Sandakada Pahanaka ..." He sang over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation between intervals. It is essential to read the colourful text of such a vocal artist. We met him recently and gathered his views for this article.

    Q: What is the background you entered into this field of music?

    A: I had this talent from my young age. My singing ability was highly admired in school and by my family. My brother Sachischandra Edirisinghe's first film named 'Mathara Achchi' was my first opportunity of sing. He asked me to sing 'Sandakada Pahanaka' in this film. This song became a hit in the Sri Lankan hit parade chart chart of 1970's.

    Victor Rathnayake the veteran musician and my brother Sichischandra were very enthusiastic with my singing, and asked me to study the exact technicalities in music.

    I didn't have the at least the acquaintance of basic music notes. So I could not have my own projection of voice through the knowledge of music.

    Therefore I started learning the North Indian Classical Music from the late P.V. Nandasiri was publically admired as an excellent tablist and a vocalist.

    He was a refine teacher who then taught music in the 'Heywood' Institution of aesthetics. I studied under him for number of years.

    My singing became natural and affective while I trained my voice with the knowledge of music. This acquaintance with quality music and the popularity I gained through the song 'Sandakada Pahanaka' gave me the opportunity to enter the film screen with popular songs in 1973. The songs such as 'Kuda Game Maddahane'(in the film 'Hulavali'), 'Hise Gini Avilethe'('Sri Madara') are some of them. Later, the song titled "Wadakayaneni Obe Sithraya" made me a significant singer over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corperation. This song was written by Saman chandranath and the melody composed by my teacher the late P.V Nanadasiri. Until 1980s, I sang only few songs. Then, I had a chance to voice in an E.P recording, which is technically limited to a recording space of four songs. 'Chandamadala', 'Kaurunda Oba Mage', 'Pata Dedunu Sedila' and 'Thanikale' are these songs.

    These songs became hits that time and, this introduced my voice in the field of music in a different way. I became an icon in the Nationalist Music Culture. Dr Mrs Deepa Nago, the Acadamic vocalist who came to SLBC from India graded me as a Super Grade Vocal artist. I suppose that this was the turning point in my singing career.

    And my superior predecessors of music such as Ananda Samarakoon, Sunil Santha, Amradeva and others have already established themselves as following a nationalistic approach. They showed me the path to build my career in music.

    Their mode of singing had not been taken from India. They were originals. These originals derived from an independently experimented mode, which was a blend with our Sinhala folk music and the technicalities of North Indian Classical music.

    The tendency of our music culture with local classics journeyed in a middle path and became popular after the appearance of the veteran musician and vocalist Victor Rathnayake.

    He innovated a new unfailing style of popular music on our own and this has greatly affected to his musical offspring of composers such as Rohana Weerasinghe. On the other hand Somadasa Alvitigala, Lional Algama and Premasiri Kemadasa have surfaced as film musicians into the song chart of this country. Kemadasa was an outstanding artist among them who fascinated an audience with a new dimension in Sri Lankan music. Expert vocalists such as Nanda Malini and Amaradeva involved their vocal chords with Kemadasa highly experimental music compositions.

    And no one of any musician in those days directly copied each other though they were affected by the other's styles indirectly or unconsciously. I entered into the arena of singing with this environmental background of music.

    Q: Most of your popular songs are lyrical and metaphorical . They reflected Sinhala opinion . Why are you bound to this pattern of vocal vocal music?

    A: From my childhood I was very fond of Amaradeva's music and singing. My two elder sisters attended his music class. I used to go there with them and had a chance to listen to his music. And I tried to sing his songs when I came back home. The religious background of the Chief Thera and the Daham Pasal (Sunday School) of our temple has enormously influenced my way of music.

    Whenever I choose a lyric, this background instinctively affects me. I don't think the nationalisticideology has directly affected my singing voice.

    Yet I am a person who is so enthusiastic with my traditional cultural ideology and its values. Sometimes, the sound of religious Pirith may have affected my vocal chords. Yet I am not so sure about that.

    I prefer Tranquility and wisdom in an artistic creation. You need an ego-less condition in spirit to taste art. The delicate nuances of the singing tone of Amaradeva are very hard to identify with a mere mind. You need a higher spirit with peace to catch them.

    Q: Have you a space in this present cultural scenario?

    A: No. This culture highlights only the market values.

    The television and the mobile net almost captured this business of music. Whenever talented children appeared in a Reality TV Show, they get a chance to express their talent. Yet, before or after this, these children should follow a better path in music. But the present atmosphere of this cultural market won't allow it. We, in our days, also had a market producing songs with cassettes. Yet It didn't harm this much in music.

    The law of Intellectual Property is very clear cut in this country. Yet it is not put into practice. Art should move from fascination to wisdom. Yet today the market has brought everything into a puzzle.


     Ekk warak awith yanna Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  srimeth
     Dated:  Saturday, May 15 2010 @ 04:17 AM EDT
     Viewed:  741 times  
    Book Reviews

     Supun sadak Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  srimeth
     Dated:  Thursday, May 13 2010 @ 11:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  650 times  
    Poems & Short Stories

     "IMMORTAL HITS - Just For You" Musical Concert presented by CHIMES OF THE 70's Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  rukmania
     Dated:  Tuesday, May 11 2010 @ 01:32 PM EDT
     Viewed:  865 times  
    Book Reviews
    "IMMORTAL HITS - Just For You", The maiden musical appearance of "Chimes Of the 70's" band in Colombo will be held on 31st July 2010 at 6.30 p.m. in the Bishop's College Auditorium, Colombo 03.

    "Chimes of the 70's" is a western pop band established to revive the golden sound of 70’s Sinhala POP Music introduced by late & great musician Mr. Clarence Wijewardane. The main target of this concert is to promote & widen the original compositions of the band. For this short period, nearly 50 original songs have been composed from the band which all most all are being based on Sinhala POP music genre & most of them will be performed at this concert.

    In addition , the legendary Stars of 70’s namely, Indrani Perera, Anil Bhareti, Nihal Nelson, Shyami Fonseka, Vernon Perera, Rukshan Perera (Super Golden Chimes), Wijith Peiris (Moonstones) & Sri Kantha Dassanayake (Super Golden Chimes) will add the colour to the concert. The compere for the evening will be Dr. Vijaya Corea. Also in this concert, the superb performances of Udesha Karunanayke can be watched who is the youngest drummer in Sri Lanka & is eight years old.

    The tickets of this concert are priced as Rs. 1,500/=, 1,000/=, 750/=, 500/= and now available at the Torana Music Collection (Liberty Plaza), Torana Music Box (Majestic City) and Studio Udeshan - Gampaha. More details on this concert & the compositions of band are available on our official website on

    As a band which preserves all the Mr. Clarence Wijewardane’s compositions & reviving the Sinhala Pop Music style introduced by him to the coming generations, “Chimes of The 70’s” band warmly invites all the fans of late Mr. Clarence Wijewardane & all the Sinhala Pop music lovers to witness the “IMMORTAL HITS - Just For You” concert & to have an amazing musical experience.

     Lyricist of Muladi benda Adare by H R Jothipala Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Friday, April 30 2010 @ 01:47 PM EDT
     Viewed:  864 times  
    Sri Lanka Music Scene Aloy Gunadawardena

    More from Silumina

     Death of popular vocalist Abeywardena Balasuriya by Ruwini JAYAWARDANA Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Thursday, April 15 2010 @ 01:50 PM EDT
     Viewed:  949 times  
    Sri Lanka Music ScenePopular vocalist Abeywardena Balasuriya passed away on March 27. He had been receiving treatment at the Colombo National hospital for sometime. He was 63 at the time of death.

    For over four decades Balasuriya had enthralled music enthusiasts as an A-Grade vocalist at Radio Ceylon and background singer for films. Piyanani, Kalpana Lova Malwane, Oben Thora Lokayak, Ralakin Thanivee, Dineka Mathuda and Ganga Ennako Ganga are some of his hits.

    He was born in Mugunuwatawana, Chilaw, and entered the field in 1970. He also introduced many talented singers through Rupavahini's Nandana Vindana musical program. His wife Neranjala Sarojini Peiris is also a renowned vocalist.

    The funeral will take place at the Borella Cemetery on March 31.

     Siri Gunasinghe felicitated: Legend of an epoch Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Author:  Administrator
     Dated:  Sunday, April 11 2010 @ 10:55 PM EDT
     Viewed:  787 times  
    Book Reviews A felicitation ceremony in honour of Prof. Siri Gunasinghe was held at the National Library Services Board recently organized by Godage Publishers and the University of Ruhuna. Professors K. N. O. Dharmadasa, Sasanka Perera, Tissa Kariyawasam and Edwin Ariyadasa paid their tribute to the scholar. Ishara Jayawardane met Prof. Siri Gunasinghe at his residence and gathered views

    Charming, modest and humble scholar now takes his respite at his residence. Calling him multitalented is in no way an exaggeration. Siri Gunasinghe is a poet, film director, novelist, art teacher and art critic all rolled into one.

    You taught Sanskrit at the Peradeniya University. How did that help you in your artistic career?

    Studying Sanskrit has done me a great service. It gave me a sense of logic and organization. Unlike modern languages that keep on changing, Sanskrit is well established. My interest came through my research into technical manuals on Sanskrit texts dealing with the techniques involved in early Indian classical paintings. The manuals were in Sanskrit, so I made a combination with my Sanskrit and Art History. I have a first class in Sanskrit, but still you can call me a student of Sanskrit.

    More ....

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